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About Fire Safe Santa Cruz County

Fire Safe Santa Cruz County (FSSCC) was formed in September 2016 as a nonprofit corporation, 501(c)(3), in the state of California through collaboration between local fire safe councils, CAL FIRE, local government, water districts, non-profit organizations, industry, and the Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County (RCD). FSSCC is overseen by a Board of Directors.

Our Mission

The purpose of Fire Safe Santa Cruz County (FSSCC) is to educate and mobilize the people of Santa Cruz County to protect their lives, homes, community, and environment from wildfire. 


Two-thirds of Santa Cruz County is considered Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), putting a large percentage of our population, housing, economy, wildlife, and environment at risk from catastrophic fire.

Valuable Programs We Provide:

  • Helping the public learn to live with fire in Santa Cruz County
  • Disseminating guidelines for preparing our homes to resist wildfires (home hardening)
  • Disseminating guidelines for reducing fuels around our homes and neighborhoods
  • Assistance to neighbors wanting to form Firewise Communities and work collaboratively to make their homes and neighborhoods more resilient to wildland fires
  • Educational public presentations on wildfire resilience strategies (examples include Residential Insurance Cancelations and Home Hardening Strategies)
  • In conjunction with our partners, provide response to individual homeowner requests for assistance, such as chipping programs

End Results

To embrace proactive steps we can all take to make our homes, our neighborhoods, our communities, and our County more resilient to wildfires through education, home hardening, strategic fuel reduction, and community collaboration.

Meet the Fire Safe Santa Council of Cruz County Board Members

Executive Committee:

Term End Date
President Adam Hensleigh June 2025
Vice President VACANT June 2025
Treasurer Christopher Bradford June 2025
Jim Frawley June 2026


Board Members:

Name Term End Date
Tony Akin June 2025
Michael Horn June 2025
Sanjay Khandelwal June 2025
Chris Klier June 2026
Sally Mack June 2026
Lynn Sestak June 2025
Cindy Weigelt June 2026


Board Support:

Lauren Moody
Communcations, Education and Outreach Coordinator

Organization Documents

pdfArticles of Incorporation

pdfFSCSCC Bylaws

pdfFederal Tax Exemption

pdfStrategic Plan Approved 1/20/2022