12.05.2019 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Fire Safe Santa Cruz County Board Meeting

InciWeb Incidents for California

Latest incident updates for California
  • Martinez 3 Fire (Wildfire)
    The Martinez 3 Fire is nearing an end. Firefighters have been working long and tedious hours in tandem with heavy equipment extinguishing mulch piles that were 12-15 feet deep. Piles are broken apart, opened up and then extinguished by water and foam. Fire officials are forecasting the fire to be fully completed by Nov, 15th 2019.  The Martinez 3 Fire is now considered 100% contained; meaning a dozer line has been completed around the fire. The fire is 98% controlled; meaning firefighters have reduced the heat output of the fire by 98% and only 2% is left.  Martinez 3 Fire resources remain available to respond to any new fires in the area, which allows for a rapid response time. The Martinez 3 fire remains top priority for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Pacific Region, and the Southern California Agency. No infrastructure or structures have been damaged. With the fire nearing completion, it’s important to understand that the Martinez 3 Fire is not the only source of smoke in...
  • Taboose Fire (Wildfire)
    Taboose Fire UpdateThe Taboose Fire has been inactive in recent days. The fire remains 10,296 acres and at 85% containment. The western flank is in steep and inaccessible terrain in the John Muir Wilderness. Here the fire will be confined by either rain or snow or its spread will be stopped by rock barriers.Visitors and residents may see smoke, especially along the Hwy. 395 corridor. Please do not report the smoke. Currently, the south, east, and north flanks are secure and there is no threat to life or property.
  • Caples Fire (Wildfire)
    Caples Fire is 100% contained. Final Caples Fire News Release  Closures: The fire area will be closed to the public until spring due to the hazards of fire weakened and dead trees. Some of these trees will fall in upcoming winter storms which will reduce the risk to visitors when the trail reopens.  Trail Closure (forest order 03-19-12). For public safety the following trails will continue to be closed. The interior of the fire area still has pockets of smoldering fire and stump holes burning underground and is not safe for public use. Forest Trails: 17E15 Cody Meadows, 17E20 Silver Fork, 17E22 from Highway 88 north to end, 17E49 Strawberry Creek, 17E51 Caples Creek, 17E53 Kirkwood Lake Loop, 17E63 Forgotten Flat, 17E71 Old Silver Lake Trail, 17E73 Strawberry 4WD Trail, and 17E74 Spur Bee 4WD Trail.Background: The prescribed burn project began on September 30 as pile burning under favorable conditions following rain and snowstorms. The prescribed fire was within prescription...