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Latest incident updates for California
  • Kern River Ranger District Prescribed RX (Prescribed Fire)
  • Shasta-Trinity Prescribed Fires 2019-20 (Prescribed Fire)
    See the 'Announcements' and 'News' Tabs for the latest information on planned prescribed burns.As temperatures drop and the first precipitation of the season has arrived, the Shasta-Trinity National Forest is beginning its preparations for fall, winter and spring prescribed fire projects.“Prescribed fire is an important tool in our mission to reduce build-up of hazardous fuels, restore forest ecosystems and improve safety of communities within the wildland urban interface,” explained Assistant Forest Fire Management Officer Ernie Villa.Pre-planned prescribed fire projects may take place at specific locations across the forest from mid-September through June 2020. Actual project ignition will depend upon local weather and fuel conditions. Planned projects include burn piles and low intensity understory burns of vegetation on the forest floor. The main goals of these projects are to reduce the severity of future wildfires and provide added protection for communities in the wildland...
  • Klamath NF Fall RX Burning (Prescribed Fire)
    December 19, 2019 -  As weather conditions permit, pile burning and low-intensity understory burns are continuing around the forest. Below is a list showing current activity, proposed projects, and completed work. For questions, contact the burn supervisor for the specific project. Current Activity: 12/19/2019 - Goosenest Ranger District - Old State Highway Handpiles, an additional 6 acres along Long Prairie Road, 8 miles northeast of Tennant.  Smoke may be visible.  Please do not report.12/17 - 12/18/2019 - Goosenest Ranger District - Old State Highway Handpiles, approximately 15 acres along Long Prairie Road, 8 miles northeast of Tennant.  Proposed Projects: Goosenest Ranger District – Fuels Technician Brandon Dethlefs (530) 398-5727 Van Bremmer- 1,471 acres between Garner Butte and Garner Mountain near the communities of Tennant and Bray. Thompson Ranch- 900 acres of understory burning approximately five miles east of the community of Bray and four...