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Safe Equipment Use

safe equipmentSafe mowing and equipment use involves taking the following facts and guidelines into consideration…

  • Mow before 10 AM, but never when it’s windy or excessively dry.
  • Lawn mowers are designed to mow lawns, not weeds or dry grass.
  • Metal blades can create sparks when they strike rocks, creating a fire risk. Use caution.
  • In wildland areas, spark arresters are required on all portable gasoline-powered equipment. This includes tractors, harvesters, chainsaws, weed eaters and mowers.
  • Keep the exhaust systems, spark arresters, and mowers in proper working order and free of carbon buildup.
  • Use the recommended grade of fuel and don’t top it off.
  • In wildland areas, grinding and welding operations require a permit and 10’ of clearance. Keep a shovel and a fire extinguisher ready to use.
  • Don’t drive your vehicle onto dry grass or brush. Hot exhaust pipes and mufflers can start fires that you won’t even see - until it’s too late!